Los hermanos sean unidos.

La sangre une, pero también mancha. En noviembre, I.Sat presenta un especial donde las relaciones entre hermanos se vuelven tan tensas como los genes lo permiten. Pueden sentirse distantes (Sister), rivales (Brothers), aliados (Submarino) o lastres (Gabi on the Roof in July). Pueden ser niños, adolescentes o adultos, pero siempre serán hermanos.Un ciclo donde todos son la oveja negra de la familia.

Lunes a las 22 h

Brothers be united.

You can be tied by blood, as well as stained. In November, I.Sat presents a special where relationships between siblings are as tense as their genes allow them to be. They may feel distant from each other (Sister), a burden for the other (Gabi on the Roof in July), rivals (Brothers) or allies (Submarino) Whether children, teenagers or adults, they will always be brothers and sisters. A film series where everyone fits the role of the family’s black sheep.

Mondays at 10 pm